Sunday, August 28, 2016


"Mamahalin mo pa ba ako hanggang sa huli?"

"Hi! My dream woman!"

"I love you..."
"I love you too."

"You are the treasure I never want to lose."

"Mahal mo pa ba ako?"

"Bakit hindi na pwede tayo?"
"Hindrance lang ako sa'yo..."

"Nasasaktan ako sa mga sinasabi mo."
"Ako din nasasaktan. Pero kailangan ko 'tong gawin."

"Ayokong maging unfair sa'yo kasi nagiging hindrance lang ako sa'yo."

"Miss na miss na kita."

"Miss ko na yung companionship mo."

"Hindi kita kayang layuan. Miss na miss kita."

"Kahit hindi na ako magpakita sa'yo, palagi lang ako nasa tabi-tabi, babantayan pa rin kita. Kahit lumayo ka, palagi ka pa ring nasa radar ko."

"Hindi kita kayang layuan."

"Nasasayangan ako sa'yo kapag sa akin ka lang napunta."

"Mag-pakasal ka na."

"Bakit mo ako pinag-tutulakan?"
"Hindi kita ipinag-tutulakan. Kaya ka nandito."

"Mahahanap mo rin yung para sa'yo."

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Happy Birthday, my Angel

Hello, my angel! I brought you cake today, and a rose, and said a prayer for you.

Today, I celebrate your birthday, which would have been the first one for you, my little one. Today would have been the very day that all of my lovedones have gathered--friends, and family alike to celebrate you my little one. You would have had a huge cake, covered in chocolate just as what you would have wanted, with little cupcakes embellished with a smiling photo of you. Your cousins, and your ninangs, ninongs and your titas, and titos, all gathered around you as they sing you a happy birthday song. They would have clapped their hands seeing you were able to blowout your candle.

I bet, you would have looked so beautiful in your red dress or shirt because your parents were a good looking bunch. We would have had so many photos taken together which you would have proudly shown off to all of your classmates and teachers.

All just would haves.

My little one, you left me with a lot of would haves, a lot of what ifs, and a lot of questions left unanswered. And I am saddened that I was not even able to hold you in my arms, fed you when you were hungry, hugged you when you cried.

You were with me for a brief moment in time, and for that short span you made me feel that a Mighty Powerful being was working wonders. You have shown me who God was, and what capabilities God has for you to be given to me. You also validated my worth as a woman, by being able to bear you in my womb.

I am so sorry, my little one. I wasn't perfect. Maybe you deserved more than what I could give you, maybe I did not deserve something God-given and that probably is why you were taken away from me.

You are in a much better place now. And I bet you look so beautiful, my little one. I love you, and I miss you. You are eternally engraved in my heart.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Weekend

We had a very rainy weekend in the PHL because of a typhoon, and the monsoon. It's still raining, despite it being almost Christmas season. Speaking of Christmas season, traffic's about to get worse! Yikes!

This Saturday, I went to the salon to get my nails done. I also went in for some foot pampering. :) I asked my cousin what color I should have painted on my nails, and she mentioned that she liked pink. Specifically, Barbie pink. Done deal! Please see photographic evidence below.


And on Sunday, I went to church with my Mama, and my younger brother. And because it was raining, there were a lot of puddles in the roads. Whenever I would drive past those puddles, I would speed up the car making a splash! But I was scolded by my Mama and BF that it was bad, and rude. I agree.

My titas, and the rest of the BF's family tagged me along for dinner at Wendy's-Sta. Lucia. Despite it being rainy (stormy, even!) we got to our destinations safely.

Dinner was nice. :) We had a lot of fun over at Wendy's with the kids.

I always mention this in my previous posts -- it is these kinds of weekends that refresh me for the week ahead.

Until the next.



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